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Revealing The Story Of Batman: Arkham Knight →


They’ve started filming the pilot episode for The Flash.

Announcement of Batman: Arkham Knight, where you can drive the Batmanmobile and play as Harley Quinn.

Hellacious trailer for the next few episodes of Arrow.

Announcement of who have been casted as Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle in the upcoming Gotham tv show.

A good day for DC Comics fans.(⊙ヮ⊙)

Gotham: Young Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle Cast - IGN →

Arkham Knight Debut Trailer!

Gotham Casts Its Alfred and The Penguin - IGN →

I just finished reading Hush Returns. Does anyone else think that the Joker was terrible written? It was completely out of character for him.

I never had a chance

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